Route Scout June

Congratulations to our May Route Scout winner, Jimmy Carnes!

Welcome back, scouts! Since we’re halfway through the year this month, we decided it was time for some double trouble! We’re so excited to announce our sixth & seventh mystery boxes in the MITS Route Scout competition (Click here for more information about Route Scout)! We will reveal new photos and clues of 2 painted traffic signal control boxes every week on social media and post a monthly clue package on the MITS website. TWO lucky winners will walk away with a prize package filled with local goodies!

How to Play:

  1. Look at MITS social media posts
  2. Guess which MITS bus route OR intersection the featured box sits on
  3. Submit guess at (All correct entries will be entered to win) 

BONUS: For another chance to win, take a selfie with the painted box and post it on social media with the #routescoutmuncie

Our Prizes this Month:

Box 1 Prize: Mits Swag, a Gift certificate to Minnetrista Apple Orchard Shop, Free Bread Stix from Pizza King.

Box 2 Prize: Mits Swag, a Gift certificate to Caffeinery, and Free Bread Stix from Pizza King.

JUne Route Scout Box Clue Packages

Box 1: This month’s boxes are a bit of a jigsaw but you can piece it together! The route you can spot this box on runs straight through the heart of Downtown Muncie. You can pop in for coffee at the Caffeinery or have some fun in the sun at Crestview Golf Club while looking for this masterPIECE. The artist of this box painted with all the colors of the wind, and while we don’t recommend you lick it, you could definitely taste the rainbow with this box. Can you solve this puzzle? Remember to submit your guess if you want a chance to win the prize!

Box 2: This box is FURreal, one of the coolest in Muncie. We know a lot of people will be comPETitive when searching for it! HOWL you find this box? You might see it while on a stroll to Minnetrista or CHOWING down at Amazing Joes. If you get lost, no worries, this route also runs past the Police Station and perhaps some officers can help you SNIFF it out. You might see this box when you LEASHED expect it! 

We know this past year has been RUFF and alot of us struggled not to FALL TO PIECES. That’s why we want to award our route scouts! All you need to do is enter your guess for a chance to win great local prizes. 

You don’t have to ride the bus to submit a guess, and you can play every month! Who wants to take a guess? Good luck route scouts!

This box will be in play from Wednesday, June 2nd – Wednesday, June 23rd. The Winner will be announced Friday, June 25th. 3 entries maximum per person and per box (1 for the route #, 1 for the intersection, and 1 for the selfie)

Your chance to win here:

Box 1:

Box 2: