Rider Courtesy

For the benefit and safety of everyone who uses MITS vehicles and MITS Station, we ask that you follow these rules.

  1. Behavior which disturbs others, is unsafe, or causes damage is not allowed on MITS property or vehicles. Examples of behavior which will not be allowed include profanity, horseplay, excessive noise, skateboarding, and littering.
  2. Pedestrians are not permitted in the driveways or on the outside walls at MITS Station. For your safety, please use the sidewalks.
  3. Loitering and soliciting are not permitted on MITS property or vehicles. You are expected to take the next connecting vehicle to your destination and/or to disembark by the end of a complete round trip.
  4. You must wear shoes and shirts to board a MITS vehicle, in MITS Station, and on any MITS property. Hoods must be removed on MITS vehicles, in MITS Station, and on any MITS property.
  5. You may not eat or drink on the vehicles. Any food or drink you bring on the vehicle must be spill proof. For example, a paper cup with a lid and straw does not qualify as spill proof.
  6. You may not smoke on the vehicles. You may not smoke on MITS property.
  7. Radio playing is prohibited on MITS property and vehicles unless earphones are used so others are not disturbed.
  8. Children (age 5 and younger) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  9. Persons with disabilities may bring service animals on MITS property and vehicles. You may transport a small domestic pet only if it is confined in a secure, study animal carrier. No other animals are allowed on MITS property or vehicles.
  10. You may bring on board the vehicle only those packages which you can carry in one trip up the steps. You may bring on board only strollers and grocery carts that can be kept out of the walkways.
  11. Weapons, explosives and incendiaries are prohibited on MITS property and vehicles, except as permitted by state law.
  12. Drivers are happy to answer your questions. However, for safety reasons, unnecessary conversation or other interference with the driver is prohibited. Passengers must stand behind the yellow line when the bus is in motion.
  13. If you fail to follow these rules or any instructions from MITS personnel, you may be denied the privilege of using MITS property and vehicles.
  14. Passengers with an open/uncovered actively bleeding wound(s) will not be permitted to ride.

For your safety and security, continuous VIDEO/AUDIO MONITORING may be occurring on MITS vehicles and property.