Riding MITSPlus


MITSPlus is door-to-door van transportation service that helps meet the needs of mobility impaired persons in Muncie. To ride MITSPlus, you must have a disability which makes you unable to use MITS fixed route bus service. Unable means that it is impossible or it causes severe or continuing pain. Discomfort, occasional pain, age, or distance to the nearest bus stop does not by themselves constitute an eligible disability.

There is a two-part application process which you must complete before you can use MITSPlus. The first step is to give MITSPlus permission to contact a professional who is familiar with your abilities. In the second part, this professional answers questions about your ability to use fixed route bus service. MITSPlus uses this information to determine if you are eligible to use MITSPlus service all of the time, some of the time, or not at all.

If you disagree with our decision, you may appeal the decision in writing to the MITS Administration Office.

MITSPlus Vehicles

MITSPlus vans are designed in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. At a minimum, they can accommodate common wheelchairs up to 30″ X 48″ measured at 2″ above the ground and weighing no more than 800 pounds when occupied. MITSPlus will not attempt to accommodate wheelchairs which do not meet these dimensions. If your wheelchair interferes with the proper and safe operation of the lift, even though it is within these dimensions, MITS will not attempt to load your wheelchair on the van.

For customer’s safety, it is mandatory that all restraints and seatbelts/ shoulder harnesses be used.  If you refuse to use either the wheelchair securement system or wear the seat belt/shoulder harness, you will not be permitted to ride.  MITS drivers can help customers maneuver their mobility aid onto the van and to the wheelchair securement area and must ensure the wheelchair is secure and all customers have seat belts/ shoulder harness buckled before moving the van.

A signed letter from a physician in the appropriate medical specialty will be required for exemption from wearing the seatbelt and/or shoulder harness.  The letter is subject to review by MITS.  MITS will accept the letter unless MITS can demonstrate that the certificate is invalid or otherwise not consistent with current medical knowledge.   Once the exemption is approved, it shall be placed in the customer’s file, and the exemption will be noted on the operator’s manifest. 

MITSPlus Policies & Procedures

It is your responsibility to be ready and watching for the van. The driver is not allowed to enter your home. The driver is required to be visible to the public and in view of the van. You must be ready and waiting at the door which opens immediately to the outside, at the front entrance, or in the main lobby.

When you reserve a ride, the vehicle may arrive up to 30 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup is scheduled for 8am, the vehicle may arrive anytime between 7:30am and 8am. You should be ready to board at the beginning of your pickup window. The driver will wait a maximum of 5 minutes within the pickup window for the rider to appear.

You must be ready at the scheduled return time because the driver will wait only 5 minutes. Many return trips, such as medical appointments, are based on an estimate of how long you will need. If you find that you will be done later or much earlier than anticipated for reasons beyond your control, call 284-4753 so your return trip time can be adjusted. In this case MITS cannot guarantee when your ride will arrive, but pledges to return for you as quickly as possible.

On-Time Guarantee

A return ride that is more than 30 minutes after the time you scheduled, according to the official MITS clock, will be considered late. (This definition does not include return trip times which changed from what you originally scheduled.) If this happens, you may ask your driver to submit an On-Time Guarantee card to the supervisor for review. The supervisor will determine whether you qualify for a free ride under this guarantee. You will be notified of the decision and, if a free ride is appropriate, a ticket valid for one free trip will be mailed to you. For example, if you get done much later at the doctor’s office than you scheduled and the van cannot get back for you within 30 minutes, this trip would not qualify for the guarantee.

Driver Assistance

If you need an escort, the driver may walk with you to the van, offer you an arm, and help you with your door. Again, the driver is not allowed to enter your home. The driver is not allowed to push, pull, “drive”, carry, or otherwise assist you with getting your wheelchair to and from the van. If you need this kind of assistance, it is your responsibility to arrange for a personal care attendant or request a modification. It is also your responsibility to be sure the sidewalks, steps, and ramp are safe.

ADA Complaint Process

Any person has the right to contact Mr. John Jarrett V. the Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) if they raise a concern or have a complaint about a MITS employee and the issue is not immediately resolved. These concerns could include but are not limited to discrimination, policies, or services with respect to disabled passengers. If the MITS employee or employee’s supervisor cannot resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction or provide a reasonable modification to MITS policies and practices then the customer should contact Mr. John Jarrett V. the CRO. Please call (765) 282-2762 with extension 208 or email to speak with the CRO.  To submit a complaint online please click here.