Bus Fares


Drivers do not carry change. Please have exact bus fare ready when boarding the bus. If you do not have exact fare, the driver will issue you a credit ticket from the farebox good toward future bus trips.

Adult Half Fare25¢
Child (elementary & younger)Free

Transfers are available at no additional cost and are valid for completing a one way trip to your destination; they are not valid for a return trip.


Unlimited rides for specified number of calendar days, starting with the date they are first inserted into the farebox on the bus.

1 Day Pass (Purchase on the Bus)$1.00
30 Day Pass (Purchase at MITS Station & Administrative Office)$18.00
1 Day Pass Half Fare (Purchase on the Bus)50¢
30 Day Pass Half Fare (Purchase at MITS Station & Administrative Office)$9.00

MITS accepts Visa and MasterCard at MITS Station and Administrative offices for purchase of passes. No refunds will be given.


Students and anyone with a valid school identification card rides FREE. This includes students, faculty, staff, and other school employees.


All veterans ride on MITS for FREE with a valid identification card.  Contact the local Veterans Administrative office at (765) 747-7810 for identification card.

Seniors & People with Disabilities

Senior citizens and disabled individuals pay half price for cash fare and passes when they present a valid MITS photo I.D. card or ADA Certification I.D. (MITSPlus). Anyone presenting a valid Medicare card pays half price. A lifetime MITS I.D. card is available at MITS Station for $2.00. See attendant for application form or to purchase an I.D. from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A special passholder is available to people with disabilities. It holds the pass on a string around the neck, allowing hands free for boarding. It also assists the driver in identifying customers at bus stops who might have difficulty flagging the bus because of a disability. Call (765) 282-2762 for more information or to request a special passholder.


Title VI Compliance

ADA Complaint form

Any person has the right to contact Mr. John Jarrett V. the Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) if they raise a concern or have a complaint about a MITS employee and the issue is not immediately resolved. These concerns could include but are not limited to discrimination, policies, or services with respect to disabled passengers. If the MITS employee or employee’s supervisor cannot resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction or provide a reasonable modification to MITS policies and practices then the customer should contact Mr. John Jarrett V. the CRO. Please call (765) 282-2762 with extension 208 or email to speak with the CRO.  To submit a complaint online please click here.