Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is a resourceful and economical advertising medium for reaching thousands of vehicle commuters, bicyclists, and pedestrians all over the city of Muncie and Ball State University.  MITS operates fourteen routes six days a week and presents numerous advertising options ranging from display boards on the side of buses, rear window display boards, and complete full bus wraps on fixed-route vehicles. The MITSPlus mobility vans are also available for side panel and rear window advertising opportunities along with display advertising in the terminal, website ads and printed route guide ads. Click here for our rates sheet!

To learn more about advertising with MITS and get current rates, please contact Amanda Price at

Exterior Advertising


40 Foot Buses: Vinyl 108″ wide x 41″ tall is cut at 50″ intervals between bus windows when applied.
30 Foot Buses: Vinyl 108″ wide x 41″ tall is cut at 66.5″ intervals between bus windows when applied.

Exterior Advertising – Full Street Side

40 Foot Buses: Vinyl 355″ Wide x 41″ tall.

35 Foot Buses: Vinyl 299″ wide x 41″ tall.

Exterior Advertising – Rear

Signs 70″ wide x 30″ tall. 7 signs maximum. Prices quoted per week per bus.


Ford size:  Curb side must be 132” by 34”. Driver’s side must be 200” by 34”
Chevy size:  Curb side must be 98” by 30”. Driver’s side must be 157” by 30”


Ford size: 30.5” by 56.5”
Chevy size: 19” by 55”

Full Bus Wrap

Full bus wraps available. 12-month minimum commitment. Production can be outsourced but it must meet the MITS size specifications for a full vehicle wrap. Call for a quote!


Interior Advertising

1-13 Weeks14-26 Weeks27-52 Weeks
Weekly Cost
(60 Signs in 30 Buses)

Prices above are per week for 60 signs in 30 buses. Production charge of signs may apply. Estimated $325 charge if MITS orders printing. Outside vendors may be used. Size is 11” tall by 30” wide. Must be printed on 5-ply poster board, 20# offset paper with 10 ml lamination, 60# poster paper with 5 ml lamination, or .020 Styrene.

Plasma Screen Terminal Display

1-13 Weeks14-26 Weeks27-52 Weeks
Weekly Cost$30$25$25

Your message can be seen on a rotational basis at least once every three minutes on the information board at the MITS terminal. Ad message size is 1920 px by 1080 px.

Bus Book Advertising

Back Cover$1500
Inside Front$1250
Inside Back$1150
Full Page$900
Half Page$500

10,000 minimum print run, usually printed twice a year.


Website Ads Only $75 a Month!

Ad sizes: 300px by 220 px, 670px by 90px, 400px by 100px