Your First Bus Ride

Although your first ride may make you feel a little apprehensive, it’s really easy. Here’s what you do.

Route & Schedule Information

First you’ll need route and schedule information.

Call 765 289-MITS (289-6487) and be ready to tell the operator:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to go, and
  • When you want to get there.

The operator will tell you where the bus stop is, when to be there, what bus you’ll be watching for, if you need to change buses at the station, and anything else you need to know.

You can also look at the schedules for each individual route, along with a map, on our Routes & Schedules page. You can use the Common Destinations page to locate the route nearest your destination. For each route there is a schedule for Monday through Friday and another for Saturday.

The headings across the top of the schedule indicate which direction the bus is traveling and give various locations and the time the bus will arrive at those locations. Remember, you can catch the bus at any intersection, except in locations designated as right turn only lane. Use the time points on the schedule as a guide for when to be at your bus stop.

Riding the Bus

Go to the nearest bus stop sign or intersection along that route. Be sure to arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Remember that all intersections are bus stops, except in locations designated as right turn only lane. You don’t have to be at time points listed on the schedules.

As the bus approaches, check the sign on the front of the bus to make sure it is the right bus. If you’re not sure, ask the driver before you pay your fare.

When you step on the bus, deposit your fare in the farebox next to the driver. If you have a pass or ID, show it to the driver. If you need to transfer to another bus, get a transfer slip from the driver at this time.

To get off the bus, press the strip which is located between the windows. This rings a bell telling the driver that you want off at the next stop. Be sure to press the strip a block in advance so the driver has time to stop safely. When you get off the bus, step to the curb and wait for the bus to leave. Do not walk in front of the bus because oncoming traffic does not stop.


Sometimes you will need to change buses to get where you want to go. This is called transferring. If you need to change buses, be sure to ask the driver for a transfer slip when you pay your fare. There is no charge for a transfer. Transfers may be used only for the next connecting bus to your destination. They are never to be used for your return trip.

Almost all transfers are made at the MITS Station, located at the corner of Jackson and High Streets, in downtown Muncie. The station is a comfortable, clean, safe building where a MITS customer service supervisor is always on duty to answer your questions, sell passes, and make ID cards. There is indoor seating, vending machines, and a dollar bill changer for your convenience.

At MITS Station, buses come in on both sides. There are signs on the platform to indicate where buses are parked. The buses are timed so that the longest you should ever have to wait for your connecting bus is fifteen minutes. If you are unsure about where to watch for your bus, ask the customer service supervisor.