Bike ‘n’ Ride

Bike ‘n’ Ride makes riding MITS easier than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you bike because the stop is too far to walk or if you ride for the fun of it. Just pedal to the nearest bus stop and MITS will be there to pick you up with your bike.

  • Bike racks are available on all MITS buses.
  • Each rack holds two bikes at a time.
  • Bike racks are easy to use; just ten seconds to load!
  • Bike racks accommodate most single-rider bicycles, including children’s and all-terrain bikes. Motorized or odd-sized bikes are not allowed.

There is no additional charge to use the bike rack and no special permit is required. Just follow the easy instructions shown on the rack.

Loading Bikes

  1. Prepare your bike for loading. Remove water bottles, pumps and other loose items that could fall off while the bus is in motion.
  2. Inform the bus driver that you will be loading your bike. You must load your bike from the curb or in front of the bus. Do not step into oncoming traffic to load your bike.
  3. Squeeze handle to release latch, then fold down the bike rack. You only need to use one hand to unlatch and pull the bike rack down, so you can hold your bike with the other hand. It is not necessary to lean your bike against the bus.
  4. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting wheels into proper wheel slots. Each wheel slot is clearly labeled for the front wheel.
  5. Raise the support arm over the front tire. It needs to be raised so that the hook rests at the highest point on the front wheel, but not on the fender or frame.
  6. Board the bus and enjoy the ride! Choose a seat near the front of the bus to keep an eye on your bike. DON’T FORGET you have a bike with you when you get off at your stop. New riders often do!

Unloading Bikes

MITS bus routes serving the Cardinal Greenway:

  • #3 Northwest Plaza – Wheeling at Minnetrista Blvd, at north end of cantilever walkway
  • #4 Mall – McCulloch trailhead on Elm, just east of the bridge
  • #5 Whitely/Morningside – Depot Trail Head on M L King Jr Blvd
  • #6 North Walnut – on Walnut just north of Streeter
  • #7 East Jackson – on Jackson at the bridge
  • #8 Burlington – on Burlington at Ribble
  • #9 Industry Willard – Ball Corporation Park Spur Trail on Macedonia


Here are some tips that will help make the Bike ‘n’ Ride program a smooth ride for everyone.

The racks are available first-come, first-served. If the rack is full when the bus approaches and no one unloads a bike, you will have to wait for the next bus. Bikes cannot be brought inside the bus.

For safety and security reasons, the driver cannot leave the bus to help you. You must be able to load your bike unassisted or have someone with you to help you. If you are unable to secure your bike on the rack, please do not delay the bus.

Do not use personal locks and chains to secure your bicycle to the bike rack on the bus.

It’s your responsibility to review this information and to know the proper way to use the bike racks on MITS buses. Call MITS at (765)282-2762 with any problems you may have using the bike racks.

MITS is not responsible for personal injury, property damage, or property loss arising from the use of this equipment. Use at your own risk.