Benefits of Transit

The Savings Win

It’s been proven that taking public transportation saves people time and money. When the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) studied areas similar to Muncie – where bus services are available to commuters – they observed the following:

Per year, riders saved:

  • 4,400 miles of driving
  • 223 gallons of gas
  • 273 hours stuck in traffic
  • $10,000 in fuel and maintenance costs

The Health Win

Did you know that the average couch potato walks only about six minutes a day?

Studies have shown that people who use public transportation regularly tend to be healthier than people who don’t.

Why? Because of the good exercise they get walking to and from bus stops, their homes and offices. Now, we’re not suggesting you walk all the way to work, but making use of MITS will set you apart from the typical automobile commuter by increasing your physical activity to 19 minutes a day or more.

Then there’s that one thing doctors keep telling us: “Find a way to cut your stress level!” When you leave the driving to us, that’s one less thing to stress about.

The Green Win

Transportation accounts for more than 30% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. By taking public transit, 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is saved from going into the air each year. That’s a lot!

A single commuter switching his or her commute to MITS will reduce about 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. That savings doubles if a household with two cars makes the switch.

The benefits of the hybrid diesel-electric buses has its own benefits:

Significant emission reductions:

  • 95% reduction in particulate (soot)
  • 90% reduction in hydrocarbons
  • 50 % reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx)

Improved passenger experience

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Smoother acceleration and ride
  • Comfortable and environmentally friendly

Improved fuel economy

  • About 30% less fuel consumption

Riding MITS not only helps keep Muncie healthier, but cleaner.

Sources: American Public Transportation Association