Up Close with Mitchell Brashear, Director of Transportation

By: Madison Smalstig

When Mitchell Brashear first arrived at MITS on August 21, 1989, he was a part-time driver. Since then he has worked his way through almost every single job in transportation, starting at that part-time driver position. He eventually found himself as a full-time driver, road supervisor, a member on the fixed-route transportation team, a scheduler for MITS Plus, a beta collector, and the Assistant Director of Transportation. Then, after years of hard work, he was promoted to his current position as Director of Transportation. As the Director of Transportation, Mitchell’s main job is to supervise all of the drivers and other staff members on transportation. He keeps records of their attendance, makes sure they are given the correct routes, ensures that the drivers are stopping to pick up passengers, gives them all of the tools that they need for success, disciplines them when necessary, and hires the drivers.

Mitchell has a part in deciding which drivers are selected to drive the buses. “They all have to meet right here at this table,” said Mitchell, pointing to the round table he was leaning on as he said so. During an interview, he looks for all of the company’s requirements: aged 21, capable of obtaining a commercial driver’s license, and able to pass a customer skills test. But, while all of this is going on, he also looks to see if the driver is outgoing, personable, has a good driving record, and if they understand the importance of serving the customer. “The only thing we sell here is service,” said Mitchell.

In his words, Mitchell has “sat in every chair,” and therefore has a better understanding of what his employees are experiencing on the job. He considers this to be a great advantage, especially when his employees have questions and concerns. He looks forward to when he gets to use his prior knowledge to help someone solve a problem. “We have an open door policy,” said Mitchell. “[The drivers] can walk in and whatever I am doing, I will stop and listen.”

Mitchell loves working with people, which is why this job is perfect for him. Not only does he get to spend the majority of his day helping his fellow employees but the company he works for specializes in helping people. “Without us a lot of people would be shut in and not have a place to go,” said Mitchell. “We supply that and that is a good feeling… Whenever you can help people it makes you feel good at the end of the day.”