Up Close with Crystal Thomas, MITS Plus Director

By: Madison Smalstig

MITS Plus is a program designated for those who are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified. This service provides a service for these individuals to travel around town.

The woman behind the operation is Crystal Thomas. As the MITS Plus supervisor, she is in charge of staying up-to-date on the American disability guidelines and working with the drivers. Also, when possible, Crystal loves to get to know her riders better by riding on the MITS Plus buses. “I want to ride with them. I want to meet you, I want to see you,” said Crystal, referencing the importance of face-to-face interaction with her customers. These rides are important because they allow her to see exactly what each customer needs, and how long it takes that driver to help that customer. This helps her to create a fair and reliable schedule for the entire service.

Crystal believes in the service she is providing and she considers this job to be one of the best, most rewarding jobs she has ever had. Although there are trials that accompany this occupation, these small bumps in the road seem inconsistent compared to the great things she feels this program does for the community.

Crystal relies on first-hand experiences from customers to impact and change this program for the better. Crystal has gotten various calls before from people describing how MITS Plus has helped them to attend a doctor’s appointment, visit a relative, or simply make a trip to the supermarket. According to Crystal, there is nothing better than receiving a call from a thankful customer and hearing the appreciation in their voice.

If Crystal were to personally inform the public about the program, she would specifically tell them of its affordability and its drivers’ accommodating nature. In addition, all MITS buses are diesel fueled, hybrid vehicles, which is better for the environment and require less gas per ride. It takes only one dollar per way on a MITS Plus bus, and the drivers are willing to help their riders do whatever it takes to adjust to their handicap. Compared to a cab, where the trip is much more expensive and drivers much less accommodating, MITS Plus is a much better option.

Crystal believes that helping more people to get out of their homes and involved in the community improves the town. “I truly believe that MITS Plus helps Muncie become a better place to live,” said Crystal.


If you are interested in this program and believe you are eligible to receive assistance, please visit the MITS Plus tab on the website, click the link to the “MITS Plus Application,” download the document and fill out the attached form.