Transfer Station Updates

We have exciting news!

The MITS Transfer station in downtown Muncie will be getting a much-needed upgrade!

Say goodbye to the rickety old seats and frustrating lack of charging stations. Starting after hours this weekend, the old seating will be removed and on Monday, Feb. 8th, the floor will be stripped and resurfaced. Unfortunately, the resurfacing process will require time to ‘cure’ before the new seating can be installed. However, once the new furnishing is in, there will be increased charging stations for visitors!

Ultimately, we hope this will offer more convenience and comfort to those waiting to catch their bus, but we will need to close the transfer station from Monday, 2/8 to Monday, 2/15. There will still be a small area open for you to walk up and purchase tickets. 

we will also provide a warm area to wait for your bus

Whether it be a designated area inside the station or on a bus that is running outside, there will be a place for you to shelter from the cold.

Thank you in advance for your patience with us.

We hope you will join us at the Transfer Station on Feb. 16th at 10 am to celebrate the new upgrades! There will be free cookies!