New Grocery Carts for Use on MITS

Perhaps the most annoying part of carrying your shopping home on the bus is holding onto all of your grocery bags. Thanks to Edible Muncie, MITS riders can now rent grocery carts and insulated bags to take their groceries home.

Carts are on loan at four locations: YWCA, Southern Pines, Gillespie Towers and Earthstone Terrace.

The project was masterminded by Karen Howells, founder of Edible Muncie of Delaware County. Edible Muncie works to tackle hunger and food insecurities in Muncie and Delaware County.

For more information, read the January 23, 2018 article in the Muncie Journal “New Grocery Carts Available For Use On MITS Buses.”

Image above: People responsible for the carts. From left to right: Lynda Fields, YWCA Representative; Jason Donati, Muncie Sanitary District and daughter; Kimberly Deck, YWCA Rep; Markie Oliver, Edible Muncie; Karen Howells, Edible Muncie; Ron Groves, Ad Grafix; Katina Strauch, Muncie Housing Authority; Todd Merickel, MITS; and Joe Mansfield, Walmart South.