New Bus Book Corrections

MITS has recently published a new edition of the Bus Book for citizens to use to navigate around Muncie.  The following were printing errors and will be corrected in the next edition.  Please make note of these errors:

  1. All veterans of the military are now are eligible to ride MITS for free.
  2. MITS will stop service on Saturdays at 6:15p.m., not 6:23p.m.
  3. The Map of route 4 mistakenly switched stops 3 and 4 on the new map and route of the Mall, per the Muncie Mall management request. Stop 3 is the Ciudad Colonel stop on the southwest side of the mall.  Stop 4 is the Muncie Plaza.   The numbers are correct on the route timesheet.
  4. The city wide map is incorrect with route 14 not showing as running down Riverside.

The management of MITS apologizes for these errors.