Mitsy Holiday Scavenger Hunt

On the eve of every year,
A festive creature rides in to bring holiday cheer. Where's Mitsy the Reindeer Logo
With velvety ears and antlers tall.
Mitsy the Reindeer brings a smile to all.
You won’t find him grazing fields
Or pulling a jingling sleigh.
No, Mitsy prefers to ride and play!
Hide-and-seek’s his game of choice
And if you happen to see him,
you should rejoice!
For you could win a sizable prize,
Something you don’t have to buy!
So search high, and search low,
Look in the cabin and on the go!
Mitsy the reindeer is in Muncie for you to spot,
The question is, will you find him or not?

How to Play

Magnifying Glass with Mitsy the Reindeer
Welcome to the Mitsy Holiday Scavenger Hunt, a safe and easy way to have some holiday fun in 2020! Mitsy can be spotted in windows at twelve locations along the Muncie MITS Bus routes, traveling on six special bus routes including MITS Plus, and hidden within five websites. The Map to find Mitsy is above with clues and more information to help you find Mitsy on the bus, in a window, or browsing on a website.

How to Enter

Once you’ve found Mitsy, show us by snapping a picture of Mitsy in the window or riding along. Post it on social media using the hashtag #ifoundmitsy or tag Mits on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. You do not have to go inside the local business or make a purchase to play.
If you find Mitsy on a website, fill out the form below with the link or a screenshot of the page.

7 Prize Packs

Grand Prize:
$25 Gift Card to: The Caffeinery
1 Round of Golf for 2 at Crestview
1 Order of Pizza King Bread Stix
1 Treat Bag of Candy from Fresh Market Treats

The next 3 Prize Packs all include
1 order of Pizza King Bread Stix and 1 Treat Bag of Candy from Fresh Market Treats
1 pack includes a:
$25 By Hand & Fork Gift Certificate
$25 Mulligans Gift Certificate
$25 Pizza King Gift Certficate

Plus 3 prize packs that include Pizza King Bread Stix, Candy from Fresh Market Treats, Pizza King Swag, and MITS swag.

Congratulations to our 7 Prize Pack Winners!

Amy Sweitzer (Grand Prize)
Michele Maxwell
Samuel Nealy
Becky J Vermeulen
Mariah Mock
Greg Rozelle
Stephanie Kroemer

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