MITS is here for Muncie!

As the weather heats up and the Muncie community starts to pick up its outdoor activities post-COVID-19, we at MITS are dedicated to being a helpful, active community partner for Muncie businesses and events. This week, we’ll be providing shuttle services for the Ivy Tech Graduation. Friends and family members of students should not worry about finding parking and getting to the ceremony on a time crunch. We’re here to help ease that transition, and safely guide our guests where they need to be on time. We want to give them a great impression of the Muncie community!

This summer, we’re also partnering with Ball State to provide free shuttle services to incoming BSU freshmen during Orientation. It’s imperative that we start welcoming these new individuals to the Muncie community, and introducing them to the city and opportunities outside of campus. If you are interested in advertising to incoming students, this would be a great time to consider renting our interior or exterior advertising space!

We are still committed to serving those currently in our community to the best of our ability! We offer FREE transportation to anyone with a valid school identification card. This includes students, faculty, staff, and other school employees. Veterans also ride for FREE! All you need is a valid ID card, which can be procured at the local Veterans Administrative office. 

These are a few of our summer activities, but we always have room for more! Do you have a need for MITS shuttle services? We’d love to partner with you! Call MITS and ask for Christy at (765) 282-2762.