MITS Cold Weather Preparation

As MITS prepares for the cold weather conditions approaching this week, we have some useful tips to help our riders in the following days. Firstly, riders should anticipate longer wait times, so be sure to wear warm, highly visible clothing. We advise using caution when walking to your stop, as MITS does not salt or shovel the city sidewalks. Some residential areas and side streets also may not be salted or plowed, so please keep an eye on social media for any detours due to the weather. Depending on manpower, some routes may run with a MitsPlus van, so please don’t be surprised if one stops to pick you up. MITS will be doing its best all day to accommodate, but please be patient as we may experience delays and understand we will change routes to keep everyone safe. With that being said, keep a close eye on social media for any changes that may be made. 

As always, thank you for riding with MITS.  Stay warm!