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MITS Better Service Team Winners!

We have an amazing, hardworking team here.  During the July Board Meeting, several MITS Employees were recognized for their outstanding service. Please help us congratulate:


Better Service Team and a Perfect Performer: Tony Conatser





Better Service Team: Joe Seubert




Better Service and a Perfect Performer: Steve Owens




Better Service and a Perfect Performer: Klayton Bayer




Better Service Team: Jackie Shouse




Better Service and Perfect Performer: Dillon Meadows




Better Service Team: Damon Rice




Better Service Team: Julie Waters


Please congratulate these winners if you see them!  We have an incredible team and we couldn’t serve Muncie and all of you without them. Thank you for all of your service!

2 Better Service Team Award Winners are not pictured and will be announced on the website soon.