MITS Back to School!

We are stepping forward to transport Muncie Community Schools’ students, beginning Monday!

Northside students will need to change buses in the morning and again in the afternoon at the downtown MITS bus station.

Northside children will be greeted at the downtown transfer station Monday morning, the first day of school, with welcome signs, balloons, extra security and Ball State University volunteers, who will ride along.

Buses can deliver students to and from the front doors of Northside via the downtown transfer station, however. To get between downtown and Northside, students will take the bus route that serves Walmart north.

In the morning, middle school students will need to go to the nearest MITS bus stop along the route closest to their home. MITS buses also stop for students (and any other passengers) at any street intersection on a route.

To view the MITS Student Ride Guide click here.

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For route and scheduling information call 765-289-MITS or download our free app, MITS Time!