FREE WiFi on Bus 180!

MITs is taking a significant step forward to enhance the commuter experience by testing free WiFi services on bus 180. This exciting initiative aims to provide passengers with improved connectivity while traveling, making their journeys even more enjoyable and productive.

Currently, MITs has introduced the free WiFi test on Bus 180. While it’s still in the experimental phase, this promising development hints at the potential to expand this service to other buses in the future.

The test unit on Bus Route 180 will help evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of offering free WiFi services on a larger scale. The public’s feedback during this testing phase will be instrumental in shaping the future of this project. MITs encourages passengers to share their thoughts and experiences on the service.

If you are riding on bus 180, use the password, IRideFreeWIFI to connect.  Stay connected, stay informed, and Ride with Mits!