Citizens Advisory Committee

The Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS) Board of Directors has appointed a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) consisting of local riders of MITS and MITSPlus to represent and voice a broad spectrum of transportation and community concerns. During the development of the MITS mission and programs, the CAC represents and reflects the values of the community and acts as the community voice. The CAC accomplishes this by providing the management of MITS with comments and suggestions to help improve the transportation plans, programs and studies, and community concerns. The CAC also communicates information about the MITS mission and programs back to the community. They also ask for community input for feedback to the management team and employees of MITS.

Any person has the right to contact the Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) if they raise a concern or have a complaint about a MITS employee and the issue is not immediately resolved. These concerns could include but are not limited to discrimination, policies, or services with respect to a disabled passenger. If the MITS employee or employee’s supervisor cannot resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction or provide a reasonable modification to MITS policies and practices then the customer should contact the CRO. Please call (765) 282-2762 with extension 202 to speak with the CRO.  To submit a complaint on-line please click here.

The CAC meets quarterly in the MITS Board of Directors conference room at 1400 E. Seymour Street, Muncie, Indiana 47392. The 2019 meetings are on the following dates:

Wednesday, January 16

Wednesday, April 17

Wednesday, July 17

Wednesday, October 16